Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet a PNB Ambassador: ANANGA Michael ANANGA, Esq.


My name is ANANGA Michael ANANGA, Esq.

I’m currently in Yaoundé working as a Senior Corporate Counsel at C.S.P.H (The Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund). I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University School of Law, in Boston, MA where I specialized in Corporate Finance law. I thereafter interned at Hunton & Williams LLP in Richmond, VA while preparing for the New York State Bar Exam and later was a full associate at Alston & Bird LLP in Atlanta, GA working on Corporate and Securities Law issues in the Business Practicing Group. In 2007, I relocated to Cameroon and started working in my current company (CSPH).

Opportunities abound in the North West Region, so there is huge potential in diverse sectors in the region. But what piques my interest the most in this region is the hard work and work ethic of its people. And with such a collective attitude, the sky is the limit!

My commitment to the development and growth of this particular region is clear: to be of use and value in any way, shape or form to highlight the region’s diversity and potential. My strong point is public speaking, so I can be of help in this area, spreading the word through various media and getting people to recognize the true value of the region!

Project New Bamenda is a laudable cause and vision. I believe I have echoed these sentiments on its website and elsewhere! PNB remains a vehicle through which the region’s best and brightest will bring out their best to encourage others to see what they recognize and value in the region. It only will add value to the region’s potential, but will give the region visibility and exposure!

I’m an attorney by training, so I believe in the power of articulating a cause or vision. My hopes for this region is to see it grow in leaps and bounds, be it in the entertainment industry where collaboration with neighbouring Nollywood in Nigeria is quite possible, or in the energy sector (my sector), where alternative energy resources could be tapped within the region, not forgetting the hydro energy potential the region has, or in the tourism sector, the region providing some of the most spectacular and breath – taking views there is to see in this country!

One Last One

My favourite dish from the NW Region has to be peppered “kati kati” and grilled chicken (Kom style). Shout out to the people of KOM!

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